Personalised Jewellery for Mothers

Personalised Jewellery for Mothers


At Faith Mother we harness our passion for fine jewellery with a collection of bespoke and highly personalised jewellery for Mothers, that captures the connection between Mother and Child and the sentimentality of motherhood.

Made in solid gold each Faith Mother design is imbued with immeasurable sentiment and emotional connection; a miniaturised replica of your baby’s feet, their tiny footprints made in gold and surrounded by white enamel, their name spelled out in a carefully curated alphabet of gemstones, or their silhouette forever locked in gold. Each unique piece is personalised to the wearer and destined to become a beloved treasure.



As a fine jewellery brand that specialises in one-of-a-kind and highly personalised jewellery for Mothers, we’re big on small details. We take enormous pride in using the finest materials – solid gold, diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones and lustrous glossy enamel – and work with a select team of incredibly skilled craftsmen. Each piece is made to last lifetimes.

The decision to keep production within the UK is testament to ensuring full sight of the entire jewellery production to ensure each piece is finished to the highest standard. We oversee every step of the jewellery design and manufacturing – from working with clients to approve initial artwork, liaising directly with gem suppliers and sourcing stones, to approving cast jewellery and stone setting. We have nearly 15 year’s experience in fine jewellery design and production, and we only ever approve pieces that we would proudly wear ourselves.


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